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Samuelson's Drug

Gifts, Cards and General Merchandise

Starbuck, Minnesota 56381
(320) 239-2246


Large Selection of Gifts, Hallmark Card, Shirts and General MerchandiseSee Below

What We Stock At Samuelson's

Batterys all kinds
Candles and Collectible Figurines
Children's Items
Christmas Decor
Jams and Food Products
Knee and Elbow Braces
Lotions and Repellents
Office Supplies
Paper Items
Picture Frames
Post Cards
Sun and Reading Glasses


Batteries of all kinds
Collectible Figure and Candles

Children Items
Christmas Decor

Ladies Clothing
Shirts and Sweat Shirts

Jams and Cookies

Knee and Elbow Braces

Lotions and Repellants
Assorted Paper Products

Local Postcards
Office Supplies and Hardware

Picture Frames
Sun and Reading Glasses
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